April 19, 2016

Your Life Path Number

The Meaning of Your Birth Date

Just as a name is a full and complete record of all the vi­brations and elements of character… The Birth Date contains a record of lessons learned in past lives, and an infallible indication to the characteristics, impulses, appearance and abilities of the present individuality.

Numerology deals with the two important phases of character analysis: Individual character and environment.

Individual development begins with the first breath taken in life, and naturally as an individual reaches and passes maturity he registers and reproduces certain elements of the birth date numbers in his individual contact with conditions and his general personality.

The Life Path number, or “Path of Life”, as the numbers of the birth date are termed, indicate then the immediate destiny of every individual, and what has to be learned as the next step in development, necessary to the construction of a consciousness of human life. As the true value of this next step is understood, we will evolve constructively and harmoniously adjusting to the opportunities and associations around us.

A great deal of unhappiness met by the average individual is really due to their ignorance of any definite plan of thought or action which they should follow and other people should not. Sometimes other people are blamed for our troubles when the real cause is that we are trying to follow someone else's path and not our own, or are seeking experiences which may be good for the other fellow but bad for us.

Numerology proves by its calculation and explanation of the numbers in the birth date that Life is an individual prob­lem, and that what works for one will certainly not always work for another. There can be very few happy and permanently successful people when there is too much generalization in philosophies and too much standardization of personal thought and action.

People are more than male and female, old and young, rich and poor, educated and illiterate. They are individuals, proceeding through life from birth to death. While social functions and experiences may seem to make each of our life paths appear the same; as a matter of fact we all are born alone, we make our decisions alone, suffer alone, and in the end we will die alone, there is no one else who can live or die for us.

Character is the only possession we bring into life and take with us when we die. By studying the numbers of our birth, date we can find the proper keys to building and rounding out of our character in life, which is the best assurance of success.

Through the name we can gain a clear picture of the character, and by dealing with the numbers in a birth date we can interpret experience, association and opportunity.

The value of the Soul Urge Number, can be termed “WHAT I WANT TO DO”. The value of the Appearance or General Personality, “WHAT I LOOK LIKE”; the value of the Expression Number, “WHAT I CAN DO AND HOW”; and the value of the Path of Life Numbers, “WHAT I HAVE GOT TO DO”.

The Path of Life Number indicates the direction of a person's life, the association, opportunity and experience by which human character and performance is developed. It is an easier road of life for those who’s Soul Urge or Expression Numbers, are the same as the number of the Path of Life.

In such cases, the individual either desires the expression association, opportunity which their life provides, or with the Soul Urge number different from the Path of Life but with the Expression Number the same, they find people, places and things in life that recognize and develop their potentials for successfully doing what is required of them.

In cases where the Soul Urge or Expression Number are not in accord with the Path of Life number, there will be a greater conflict in the individual character between desire and ability, “what I want to do” and “what I can do and how”. This conflict related also to a different number for the Path of Life, will make it necessary for the individual to spend a greater number of years, to pass through more experi­ence, before an adjustment or a compromise is able to be made between the desire urge and the instinctive manner and method of self-expression.

In other words, whatever the Number of the Path of Life is, it is easier to progress in life if either the Soul Urge or Expression number is identical, than if they are opposite.

To find the “Path of Life” number, write down the date of your birth. Be sure that the month is written first, the day second and the year last, as each of the numbers of the month, day and year are in themselves indicators to experiences, associations, opportunities for the early life, the middle life and the later years, respectively.

Under the month, place the number that it takes in the Calendar. January and October are 1, February and November are 2, March and December are 3, April is 4, May is 5 and so on through the year.

Add to this number the number of the day of birth. If you were born after the tenth, the double number must be added to find the numeral of the day. Now take the numerals in the year of your birth and find the sum of these. Add this sum to the sum of the numbers of the month and day already found and the final total of a single number will be the “Life Path Number.”path-of-lifeWhen you have made this calculation and found the key to your life experiences, you will next want to visit the appropriate blog post based on your life path number and read the explanation applying to that number under the heading “Path of Life.”

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