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April 26, 2016

Numerology Meaning Of Number 7

This article looks at the specific meaning of the number seven when you have calculated it as a part of your personal numerology.  It may fall under your Soul Urge, Appearance, Expression, Life Path or Personal Year Vibration Number. Just find the appropriate section below for the number one to know more about your personal numerology.

If you have not yet calculated your personal numerology be sure to visit our tutorial on how to calculate your personal numerology chart by clicking here.

SOUL URGE 7 —Motive.

You are self-centered. Your viewpoint of yourself, other peo­ple, and life in general is not the ordinary one. You are crea­tive in your ideas, do not appreciate the opportunity to think as the rest of the world and may have theories and beliefs by which you will guide your life that to a more practical view­point would appear queer and impractical. Faith is the key­note of your nature and the particular idea that you believe in is not so important as the firmness of the belief itself. When in difficulty you should prefer to get away by yourself, be quiet and await the right “hunch”. Regarding financial and material situations you are inclined to want success and wealth for you are a little afraid of the future. You appre­ciate a position in life that gives you the opportunity to con­trol the lives of other people from behind the scenes, but there is no especial desire to draw the limelight too strongly upon your own personality. You are inclined to be a lonely soul and giving way to frequent moodiness or to fears regard­ing your physical or financial future must be avoided. Your perceptions regarding what goes on around you or what people say are not always keen, for you are mentally lazy. In acquiring knowledge you will therefore demand the most practical language and illustrations from other people, for unless you are extremely interested in something, which you seldom are, you are not anxious for body or brain work. You appreciate soft tones and colors and are inwardly disturbed by in harmony, but you will often create misunderstanding for other people by the insistence upon your own viewpoints and the intolerant defense which you show when they are assailed.

APPEARANCE 7—Personality.

By your general appearance and manner you impress stran­gers as being rather reserved, somewhat quiet and self-conscious. When they get to know you better they may find you friendlier, but there is a refinement and at times an aloofness about your first approach which makes others a little cautious. You will prefer quiet colors in dress and you will probably try to avoid dressing in such a manner as to attract too much attention. In ornaments you may use an oriental taste.


You are a little unfortunate in your manner of speech and action. It is easy for you to be misunderstood and even to be blamed for saying and doing things which you were not responsible for. You will often have the peculiar experience of having a certain plan of speech or action very clear in your mind, but of observing yourself expressing it in a way that sounds and looks quite different from the way you in­tended to have it. It is better to take plenty of time in the things you wish to express properly, to claim the privilege of carrying out orders in your own way, for following the meth­ods of other people confuses you. You can create a better impression when you write than in personal contact, for you may speak when you should be quiet and become afraid to speak when it is your turn. You have creative ability and in expressing any artistic talent should try to build up a spe­cialty for yourself, for what you believe in enough to cause you to forget yourself, you can bring to success with a great freedom of words and actions. Guard your tongue, for not everyone who hears what you say will credit you with not meaning it. This is the “poker face” number.

PATH OF LIFE 7—Life lesson.—Opportunity.

The important accomplishment for you is to overcome fear of all kinds. You will find definite protection from material difficulty if you face all your problems, refusing to be dis­turbed or made anxious. Follow your “hunches”; in fact you should read and study to acquire a knowledge of the deeper invisible laws of life for you will then be able to guide your actions in practical daily life by a sixth sense. People will call you lucky because they will see things turning up for you in mysterious ways, to help you out of difficulty, but if you give yourself the right education, you will recognize these things as examples of the protective forces named. You will not always at first find around you the harmonious relation­ships that you desire. This is because the only place to really learn self-control is where somebody is tempting us to forget it, and the only place to learn peace is in the midst of dis­turbance. People will not always encourage you, which will cause you to appreciate your own company, which it is neces­sary for you to do because you will then look inside of your­self for release and discover how to live the inner life in the outer world. Don't try so hard mentally and physically in the face of difficulty. Get off mentally and take a more de­tached viewpoint. Give everything plenty of time and you will be surprised how your life problems will be straight­ened out. The thing you are looking for so hard is right beside you but you must show the courage to sit back and let it declare itself. Did you ever ask for the salt at the table only to find that it was so close to your plate all the time that you couldn't see it?


This is a sabbatical year. A time to rest mentally and physi­cally so far as you are able. If you can make plans to give yourself more time for relaxation and travel and to get away from the daily routine of home or business, so much the better. If for one reason or another this is practically im­possible, then be cautious, take things easily, do not become over ambitious to make a lot of money or go in for too much speculation. Examine carefully whatever you buy, there may be something wrong which you may not discover until later on, but which may influence the success of the transaction. In artistic or professional occupations this will prove a more successful year than in finance or the trades.

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