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April 26, 2016

Numerology Meaning Of Number 8

This article looks at the specific meaning of the number eight when you have calculated it as a part of your personal numerology.  It may fall under your Soul Urge, Appearance, Expression, Life Path or Personal Year Vibration Number. Just find the appropriate section below for the number one to know more about your personal numerology.

If you have not yet calculated your personal numerology be sure to visit our tutorial on how to calculate your personal numerology chart by clicking here.

SOUL URGE 8 —Motive.

You are very ambitious for material success. You have a good brain and strong senses of loyalty, logic, reason and organi­zation. Because of this you are likely to suffer from thinking too much rather than from being thoughtless and careless.

You have very definite ideas and make the mistake of becom­ing intolerant of some people because they offend your stan­dards of fair dealing or betray your confidence. Be sure to see that you stay in control of your mind and that your mind does not control you so that you worry and lose sleep by per­mitting an endless chain of thoughts. You are the type that can burn up an awful lot of good energy just by destructive and unproductive thinking. You have an inherent sense of material value which makes you a good buyer and a good manager of practical situations, able to know the value of money and to organize and superintend the activities of other people. You will not make a very patient invalid or be happy without money for you are a little autocratic in your viewpoint and somehow feel that you are entitled to a posi­tion on top and not at the bottom of the world. Do not be severe in your judgments nor permit your fine sense of jus­tice to erase the quality of mercy and appreciation for hu­man frailties. If a woman, you may not be very popular among your own sex for your viewpoint is a little too logical and practical and you have no tolerance with subtlety or in­directness. Like those with 1 and 4 Soul Urge, when associat­ing with those whose “Soul Urge” is either 5, 7 or 9, you must remember not to lose their interest and friendship by a too definite display of your good intentions to help expressed in demanding to know everything, to check up.

APPEARANCE 8—Personality.

Through your general appearance you will give to strangers an impression of strength in body and mind. There is a note of good balance and you look as if you might prove to be practical, sure of yourself and trustworthy. No matter to which sex you belong you will adopt dress that is neat and properly tailored and of a more masculine style. Flimsy ma­terials are not used more than is absolutely essential. You like the practical and serviceable in clothes.


You have a natural ability to be an organizer. You are delib­erate in your speech and actions and will not permit your­self much demonstration of your emotions. If you are affec­tionate by nature you will try to hide this behind efforts at practical service and at times a gruffness. Whatever you like to take up as your life's work you will try to express in such a way as to put it upon an efficient, well organized basis which can bring out its money-making phases. Do not doubt your ability to succeed in business, for you have latent abil­ity here which only needs experience in order to prove its presence to yourself and to others. One of your number is often big in physique and can succeed at athletics. You should be careful not to expend too much physical force in the way you handle objects and to carry off your energy you should have a certain amount of manual labor to do as well as mental activity. You are capable of constructing with your hands, but you may have to acquire a little more deli­cacy in speech and action, for 8 is an honest-to-goodness number and a square shooter.

PATH OF LIFE 8—Life lesson.—Opportunity.

You should make your main object in life the accomplish­ment of health and wealth. You should study methods of financial and industrial organization and in the conduct of your personal life see that the situations you accept have some definite contribution to give to practical improvement in health and money direction. Your success will depend largely upon your ability to organize your thoughts and efforts, to use good judgment in handling economic situa­tions, so learn to have your head govern your heart and your future will contain few regrets.

You may not be born with either a strong body or in a strong financial position, but this No. 8 as the “Path of Life” or your “Cycle” number will put you in line to accomplish in both directions so long as you are willing to acquire the proper self-training. Do not, for lack of experience, question your chances for success in business. You can attract influen­tial people from the financial world who will give you op­portunities which you should be willing to accept.


This is the proper time to bring to a practical success the activities of the past few years. Treat this year like a harvest period where you try to gather everything you can, cash in, claim authority and keep your attention upon improved health and finance. A good time to sell at a profit, especially the latter part of the summer, but a poor time to enter en­tirely new propositions or to spend money for future profit. Concentrate on the practical side of your life and put good judgment first in all your dealings.

The direction of your life in which there should be a much greater activity and success is the business and financial. The degree of benefit to be gained cannot of course be estimated, but you are likely to find yourself in a much better position as the result of new ways appearing by which you can turn past efforts and present possessions into advancement and money. If you pride yourself upon a keen business ability, or have good judgment, this is the year to show it by the results obtained.

Such a “Personal Year Vibration” as 8 is an influence assist­ing the individual to clearer thought and even in a time of limited world conditions helps one, by its opportunities and associations, to hold his own in material directions.

This year indicates the replacing of the rather more isolated, difficult condition of last year with one that is one hundred per cent more active mentally and physically. Here is a time for thought and action whereas last year was the right time for being more than a little out of touch with practical issues, for keeping quiet, travel, study, and the avoidance of re­sponsibility.

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