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April 19, 2016

Numerology Meaning Of Number 2

This article looks at the specific meaning of the number two when you have calculated it as a part of your personal numerology.  It may fall under your Soul Urge, Appearance, Expression, Life Path or Personal Year Vibration Number. Just find the appropriate section below for the number one to know more about your personal numerology.

If you have not yet calculated your personal numerology be sure to visit our tutorial on how to calculate your personal numerology chart by clicking here.

SOUL URGE 2—Motive.

You have a keen appreciation for detail and are more sensi­tive to the smaller things that are done and said by those around you than are most people. You will find it hard to have any very definite opinions, or when you have them, to go to too much effort to force them upon other people. You are impressionable and will take on the ideas and manners of stronger personalities, for your nature is more reflective than creative. You have an understanding of artistic shad-ings, a sense of rhythm which would be useful to you in liter­ary, dramatic or musical expression and you should want to dance. You do not have a very good opinion of your ability to be successful, especially where the prospect is that you have to face the harder situations of life alone and battle your own way. You lean to marriage or to companionship and will not be quite happy without the security of a per­manent relationship. You are much more inclined to boost the interests of those in whom you are interested and to give your time to making them successful than you are to show the same confidence in advancing yourself. Being sensitive, you will dodge disagreeable issues as long as you can. A little argument and fight in your associations is all you can stand, for you are by nature an arbitrator. There always seems two ways to go in making your decisions, and the more time you have to decide the more confusion you are likely to feel. Often when you appear to be sure of yourself and are out­wardly doing good work, you have a good deal of inward indecision and are “on the fence” hoping that the decision will arrive through the rearrangement of circumstances.

APPEARANCE 2—Personality

By your general manner and appearance you impress stran­gers with being anxious to be genial and companionable, to listen as well as talk, to fall in with the suggestions of the group. You find it a little hard to keep your appearance looking as tidy and as neat as you would like. Little things in your dress are often wrong; hair will not stay tidy or hats and ties in place. Try not to be nervous in your manner and choose clothes that add color to your personality.


You have a natural ability for patience, tact and diplomacy in your dealings with other people and will succeed in occu­pations where success and advancement is dependent upon painstaking care with little things, where the smallest thing wrong must be detected and corrected. You can mix with all kinds of people without pushing your personality forward in an aggressive way. You can make most people feel that you agree with them although when they are away from you they may realize that you never told them what your own opinions were. You are a gatherer, a collector, a technician rather than a promoter or advertiser of ideas. If you have some very definite, instructive or creative ideas of your own, you can keep these out of sight, but in such a case you should try to take the position of a teacher and express your ideas according to some systematized method of instruction. You can be encouraged to plenty of speech under the stimulus of human companionship and you should never try to carry out your ideas alone or where you cannot co-operate and work with others, or where you have no one to talk things over with. If you would be a successful leader you should attempt this by entirely co-operative methods and example. You have latent dramatic ability which, if you have artistic appreciation, you could successfully develop and express.

PATH OF LIFE 2—Life lesson.—Opportunity.

You are in this life to acquire patience, tact and diplomacy in your dealings with other people and to gain a respect for the little things which you are inclined to want to jump over. Occupationally you should find your opportunity in the more social or artistic phases of work where you have to meet the public and where your work itself is the balancing of one value against another. Those before the public in musical, dramatic and art lines, are found to have this number for their life lesson.

You must learn to associate easily with all kinds of people and conditions, for you have to collect a lot of information of various kinds and should always be studying one thing or another. You are in life to learn as well as teach and should not too readily take up the position of pioneer or leader. The associations of your life will swing between two extremes. You will attract some highly developed people who will have a good and inspiring effect upon you and on the other hand, you will have people close to you who are discouraged and discouraging and to whom you have to pass on the encouragement and inspiration which you received. Circum­stances also have the tendency to swing from high to low and back again and not to remain at a permanent level. You should make every effort to keep your thought above dis­couragement, to remember that “whatever it is, it won't last, nothing does.”


You are likely to have started some things that seemed im­portant, to have gone new places and made new friends last year. Do not be too encouraged regarding these things for the present. This is a year for dealing with the things right before you, being very patient and careful that in trying to accomplish big results you do not neglect what seem like minor details which however will later on prove very impor­tant. Mark time, do not speculate or make changes with the idea of immediately benefiting situations or speeding things up. Build up and strengthen the new beginnings of last year, but do not be too ambitious for satisfaction from them until the autumn. Health is fine unless you work yourself into a nervous state by worry and anxiety or through discourage­ment at immediate results.

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