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April 19, 2016

Numerology Meaning Of Number 1

This article looks at the specific meaning of the number one when you have calculated it as a part of your personal numerology.  It may fall under your Soul Urge, Appearance, Expression, Life Path or Personal Year Vibration Number. Just find the appropriate section below for the number one to know more about your personal numerology.

If you have not yet calculated your personal numerology be sure to visit our tutorial on how to calculate your personal numerology chart by clicking here.

SOUL URGE 1 —Motive.

You like to be individual, creative and original in your thinking and will be happiest in any occupation or situation where you can direct other people or lay out the plan for others to follow or where you have the opportunity to get the work under your own hands to be done in your way.

This is a “one track” number, and so you like to follow a thought or an interest through to the end and in going after what you want will seldom glance to the right or to the left until your object is achieved.

You are analytical but you must try for more relaxation of mind or you will be checking up on your­self too much and will be unable to accomplish big things because you will be too conscious of yourself, of the things you are doing and how you are doing them. Do not ask so many questions or try to drive other people down to state exactly what they mean.

Know what you want and keep after it, but be a little less tense in your attempts to get it. Get out of your own viewpoint and practice seeing things from the other fellow's point of view as well as from your own. Retain independence of thought and idea but do not be obstinate or resent another's opinions.

Do not spend any time in self-pity over the things that may be happening to you. Try to lose the smaller personal self in the cultivation of a broader viewpoint so that the same things do not occur again. You possess strong convictions but when with the best of intentions you are prevented from carrying them out, do not allow yourself to think that every­one is out of step but yourself.

APPEARANCE 1 —Personality.

You will try to be neat and orderly in your dress and general appearance. You will give strangers the impression that you are self-possessed, a little likely to resent familiarity and as being confident of yourself. You will not lean much toward brilliant colors or loose styles in dress, but will prefer snappy, tailor-made styles which avoid anything in the way of finery and are designed for utility and neatness. You may aim for a note of originality.


In your daily expression, the way you do and say things, you try to be efficient, to go to the point, to keep order and to dominate situations.

You may not always be sure of yourself inwardly but outwardly you can act with a good deal of con­fidence which will make other people a little afraid to op­pose you. You have latent ability to build things, to express your ideas in new and original ways and will succeed better in occupations where you have a one-man job and do not have to work side by side with other people where your chance to be original is lost.

No matter how usual the thing you have to do may be, you always try to find a new way to do it. Avoid letting any tendency to assume a dominating manner of speech become too much of a habit. Be independ­ent and different in the way you express yourself, but not stubborn.

You will be successful in your attempts to accom­plish results in the most direct manner and are not easy to divert from the path you have taken. You are a doer and not a talker.

Life lesson. Opportunity.—Environment.

The success and progress of your life depends upon your ability to learn to focus. You may have a very broad mind, plenty of ideas and lots of talent, but you must come to the point. One thing really accomplished will be worth all the wonderful things you feel you have the ability for, or the great effort that you may employ to do a little of this and a little of that.

You must engage in considerable constructive self-analysis and must be prepared to have many experiences that will show you to yourself as you really are and not as you thought you were. Important friends will also help you to find yourself.

You must become self-confident without being stubborn; able to blaze a new trail in thought and action for other people to pick up and develop. You must get the habit of thinking and acting independently of other people, so that in any closer associations of your life you will still be able to go on building your individuality. You will be very unhappy in your family life and love affairs if you forget this and for one reason or another surrender your in­dependence to another person.

Enjoy happily the associa­tions of life but do not lose yourself in them or they will dissolve and leave you with a heavier lesson of restoring your mental and emotional independence. Choose friends and partners who do not want to own you but who will encour­age you and show their interest by helping you to be your­self.

You came into this life to lead, create, pioneer and not to follow. You must find your real self and a true basis for successful action, so confidence in the future and courage to surrender old ideas and opinions for new, is the keynote of your success.

The people who you will find to be the most important to you and your progress in this life, although association with them will not always be harmonious, will come from the more creative, individualized occupations. They will try to dominate you unless you remember that it is your lesson to establish your own individuality. Many of these important people in your life will be pioneers in many subjects and will put you in situations that will test your strength of character and your initiative and give you your big chances for success, before you are strong enough to start new things for yourself.


This year with its opportunities and events will prove to be the beginning of a cycle of nine years and so developments will be more important than they seem. Big things often have small beginnings, and it will be well for you to watch closely for little indications of a new order in your own viewpoint, in your associations, friendships, and in your business. As you enter this year you may feel the need of starting something new but not know where to turn. Wait a while and see what develops before making decisions. There may still be some older things to work out of before new indications become strong enough to grasp as definite oppor­tunities. Do not revive old associations or activities except upon an entirely new basis; expect to make new friends in the spring. The most important phases of the year will com­mence with April and close with November. So long as the most important decisions affecting your future have been made and you have definitely taken up the new things by the 23rd of September, you have lost no time. Don't be in a hurry to move, but when you move be sure that you are right. Forget the past—turn your attention to the future and keep it there.

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