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April 26, 2016

Numerology Meaning Of Number 6

This article looks at the specific meaning of the number six when you have calculated it as a part of your personal numerology.  It may fall under your Soul Urge, Appearance, Expression, Life Path or Personal Year Vibration Number. Just find the appropriate section below for the number one to know more about your personal numerology.

If you have not yet calculated your personal numerology be sure to visit our tutorial on how to calculate your personal numerology chart by clicking here.

SOUL URGE 6 —Motive.

You are very conscientious. Your mind is often occupied with thoughts of how you can help other people and you must be careful not to overburden yourself with responsibility by following your impulse to protect. You have a somewhat serious viewpoint of life and would do well if you could avoid feeling that your success depends entirely upon your own effort. If you see clearly what your duty is, you will fol­low through to the end, putting aside what seem to be more personal ambitions for the sake of attaining your objective. You love to settle down, will honor your family and your country and will always be found on the side of tradition, honor, decency, morality. The inhumanity of man to man arouses your anger and there are many unjust and crude angles of personal conduct, which you would like to see a law passed to prohibit. There is a great warmth of affection but there is plenty of reason as well as emotion, and your understanding of people, as well as your tendency to advise them, shows that you can see both sides of most problems that are brought to you and can hold friends among both sexes. Try to realize that as the giving of sympathetic service means so much to you and a well finished obligation gives you the utmost pleasure that you do a great deal for your­self in doing what you do for others.

If you carry your conscientiousness to the extreme you will be burdened by an exaggerated sense of gratitude to others for what they do for you. This is because your viewpoint is not broad enough and your sense of responsibility causes you to feel like Ajax carrying the world upon his shoulders. If you will not learn that living is a co-operative experience, and that the only way to avoid any obligation at all is to stop living, you will not be very happy, nor will you be able to be a cheerful influence to others. You should cultivate a phi­losophy that enables you to see that life is a great big circle. What we give out comes back, and it is more important to have a kindly intent toward generosity than to be so thor­ough about doing as much for particular persons as they have done for us.

APPEARANCE 6—Personality.

Through the medium of your physical appearance you im­press strangers with a harmonious, soothing, comfortable vibration that does not seem that it could be easily disturbed. Your clothes are inclined to be bought and worn for practi­cal use and comfort rather than for show and style. Through this Impression you give off genial, kindly interest, a capabil­ity to do most things without too much eagerness to assert yourself.


You are very thorough and painstaking in your ways of speaking and acting. There is a disinclination to leave any­thing until it is finished as perfectly as possible and this is why you will watch yourself going on to the finish with many things in which you have lost interest some time since. Other people seeing this more serious side of your nature and thinking that you like responsibility more than you do, are inclined to bring you their problems or to leave you the harder things which they wish to avoid. You are not a good salesman for there is a note of humility and apology in your daily Expression which unfits you to be bombastic or even to take chances in the way you express. Where you can deal with groups of people, as teacher, organizer, adjuster you will be successful and much loved. You have the ability to make the advancement of those you deal with seem a per­sonal interest to yourself.

You are the born home-maker, housekeeper, and in the busi­ness organization, the department head and sub-executive. In your handling of your daily opportunities you may close in a little too much on the details, which keeps you very busy seeing that the smaller things are not overlooked and caus­ing you not to leave quite enough to those who should be relied upon to help you. “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself” was probably coined by one of your No. 6. This keeps you working when other people less conscientious have gone home, even if it does not cause you to fuss—so be care­ful to learn to play a little more. You will find great pride in a home or a business of your own.

PATH OF LIFE 6—Life lesson.—Opportunity.

You will not be successful unless you acquire a strong sense of conscientiousness and put duty and the fulfillment of your obligations before what you might wish to do for yourself alone. Social, family and business associations will make your life a busy one and a happy one if your inclinations are to identify yourself with helpful service to humanity. There will mostly be other people to think of, and it is always best to exercise deliberation before action so that you can see how what you contemplate doing is likely to affect the harmony of present situations. You will have opportunities of success in the more practical phases of art, and social angles of busi- ness; in advising, teaching and adjusting. Family and insti­tutional life is a proper stage upon which to play your part in this life, but one with this No. 6 as the digit of their birth-date does not always marry, for there are too many obliga­tions connected with relatives, or with the profession or business to permit the adoption of personal attachments.


This is the proper year in which to reach a harmonious set­tlement of many personal things and to adjust any chaotic conditions brought over from last year. Social and practical values in your life may have been distorted last year, you may have made changes and taken chances without being very sure of your ground. Now you can handle everything with a better knowledge of actual prospects and in relation to family obligations and financial re-arrangements you can surely make settlements that if they are not final are produc­tive of more progress and peace of mind. Meet all issues that arise and admit obligation. No reasonable effort at settle­ment on your part will fail, or meet discouragement.

There is a likelihood of the domestic, family and associated side of your life becoming heavier, for the duration of this year, especially from April to September. You may feel more willing to accept responsibility or to agree to the wishes of other people than you were last year. Be careful! Try to be reasonable, using your mind rather than your emotions and if the chance to take on heavier obligations still seems to fit in with your future after this careful thinking, you will be right in accepting. In dealing with members of the family put the general harmony of the relationship before the con­sideration of your own likes and dislikes.

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