April 19, 2016

Your Personal Year Number

What Each Year Means For You

Every year brings experience to the individual but not always the same kind of experience. One year our business will prosper while social interests prove very unfortunate. In another, matters of love, or association with friends and family are successful while health and business remain discouraging and the cause of much anxiety.

A great deal of what actually happens to us each year can be regarded not as the direct result of the working of invisible cosmic forces, indicated by numbers, but largely as the effect of how the mind of the individual reacts to the opportunities which the arrangement of these life forces present in the form of personalities, places and things. Because this is so, it is the purpose of Numerology, not to “tell fortunes” predicting exactly what will happen to a person in any year, but rather to mathematically measure the individual's outlook upon life, the nature of the opportunities which life is presenting at a certain time, and then to compare the vibratory rate of one with the other as the basis for a logical deduction.

When two individuals face the identical opportunity, by reason of a different viewpoint, each will extract an experience as different as the difference between their characters.

Experience unfolds according to a definite number of periods and each of these periods is the right time for a certain phase of progress in the development of the individual character.

In our daily routines in practical life, we follow the clock, which records time in periods of twenty-four hours per day. We rise by the clock, eat, work, play and sleep largely according to the same schedule because millions of people are able to identify a certain period as the right time for doing one thing, another period as right for something else.

Numerology gives us time by a cosmic clock which, instead of the twelve numerals which signify the twelve hours in a day, has nine numerals which indicate nine definite periods which if they are followed and utilized in order, place the individual effort, desire, ability into an orderly sequence of success.

The following is a brief description of each period of the cosmic timepiece, which has the numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

“One o'clock”—Time to start something.

“Two o'clock”—Time to be patient and learn.

“Three o'clock”—Time to be ambitious and talk.

“Four o'clock”—Time to do the hard work.

“Five o'clock”—Time to change and relax.

“Six o'clock”—Time to stick and see things through.

“Seven o'clock”—Time to rest and retire from practical activity.

“Eight o'clock”—Time to organize and harvest past efforts.

“Nine o'clock”—Time to eliminate and to finish.

To find where any year of the calendar places you in this cycle of thought and action, what time it is in your immediate daily affairs by the cosmic clock, add together the number of the month and the day of your birth and add to the sum of this the sum of the numerals in the calendar year in which you are interested.

If you were born in January then the number of your month is 1, in February 2, in March 3 and so on through the twelve months of the year. October which is really the tenth month, November which is the eleventh, and December which is the twelfth are counted for practical purposes the same as January, February and March, as 1, 2 and 3.

This is an example: A person born January 20 (any year) wishes to find their immediate position on this cosmic clock, so that they may handle their affairs, make their decisions, deal with their business, social and home affairs in the best way.

The number of the month January is 1. The number of the day 20 is 2 because the cipher 0 does not count. The sum of 1 and 2 is 3. To this number 3 must be added the sum of the numerals in the year they are interested in, say 2014. The addition of 2014 is 2+0+1+4 equals 7. Add this number to the sum of the birth month and day numbers, 7+3=10. To reduce this down to a single number add 1+0= 1. In the year 2014, this person born January 20 (any year) is faced with the opportunity to think and act according to the first hour of the cosmic clock.

When you have figured out your own position on the cosmic clock, turn to that number in the number meanings section, and read the interpretation under the heading “PERSONAL YEAR VIBRATION.”

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