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July 17, 2016

The Numerology For The Early Phase Of Life

The years of life up to twenty-seven are termed in Numerology the “First Cycle.” The interpretation of the number indicating this period shows the nature of the early associations of our childhood, the lessons we had to begin to learn, the type of parents and associates who were responsible for teaching us and finally the environment in which we grew up. It is the purpose of Numerology, in explaining this first cycle, to enable the individual to find out if he really understood the lesson of its experiences, definitely gained the development which the cycle number reveals as the true purpose of them.

The understanding of the life cycles will also help parents who are now trying to bring up their children with an eye to a successful and happy future, trying to give them the things that will help them now, to have them live in the conditions that will retain good health and contentment.

All children should be started out on the path of life under the conditions, opportunities and associations which are consistent with this “First Cycle” and not, as so often happens, entirely according to the standard set for other children or according to the ideal of the parents. In one family there are seldom two children born in the same month. This means that their first cycle numbers are different and as far as possible they should have a little different training, experience should be presented to them in a different way, they should be educated differently. Educational institutions having young children in their care will one day learn to apply the knowledge of “Life Cycles” to their students, for greater and easier results.

The “First Cycle” is found from the position in the calen­dar of the birth month. January and October are both 1, Feb­ruary and November are both 2, March and December are both 3. April is 4, May is 5 and so on through the rest of the months.

Find the number of your “First Cycle” and read its mean­ing in the following paragraphs.

First Cycle 1—The growth of independence. Child should be brought up to depend upon own decision and not in a large family circle. Circumstances in early life are likely to force an early start in life.

2—This is a delicate influence to be born in; often affects health through nervous system. Must be taught tact, patience and obedience. Good for artistic and technical training. Should not be expected to make own decisions.

3—Personality should be developed through train­ing in self-confidence through social or public expression. Circumstances likely to force early start, and there will be a steady growth of am­bition.

4—Likely to be born into an environment where there is plenty of hard work to be done. Good, sensible, practical training, but not much op­portunity for travel or pleasure. Need to de­velop the physique and the mind.

5—Somewhat disturbing to a steady, settled domes­tic early life. Danger of sudden change and break up of home conditions, leading to many personal experiences which teach adaptability to the unexpected. Does not lead to a very practical understanding of the future.

6—Likely to mean birth into a steady home condi­tion, into families where there are other chil­dren. Some responsibilities for the home or relatives often has to be assumed, for this is the time for experiences that teach one to be reli­able.

7—Like the influence of the 1 and the 3, first cycle 7 often means being an only child. The early life is usually well protected and this allows early training in the more poetic, creative directions. The result of this is that knowledge of and abil­ity in everyday experience comes very slowly, which places a heavier burden of experience upon the years of the “Second Cycle.”

8—Tendency to be born into a practical family. Opportunity for good education and plenty of physical exercise. Athletics and a vigorous childhood should be provided. It is not un­usual to find a commercial training early either as the result of necessity or choice.

First Cycle 9—Like the 7 “First Cycle” it is difficult for the 9 to find its own direction in practical life, which means that the best part of the life comes later, Confusing experiences and conflicting emo­tions are found in early environment. Oppor­tunity for early work in public and artistic life and some travel.

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