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July 17, 2016

The Numerology For The Later Phase Of Life

The later period of human experience, the influence of which commences to reflect itself in associations, opportunities and conditions generally after the forty-fifth year, but certain from the fifty-fourth birthday is termed in Numerology the “Third Cycle.”

The numeral deciding the character of this cycle or period of time is found by adding the numbers in the year of birth. For instance, the children born in the year of 1932 will after their fifty-fourth birthday find their experience characterized by the number 6, because the addition of the numbers 1, 9, 3, 2 is 15, reducible to 6.

In the scale of Numerology there are only nine numbers to apply to the analysis of names and dates, and so in this mat­ter of interpreting the experiences of our later lives, it is simple to find the sum of the numerals in our birth year and look to the following table for explanation.

Third Cycle 1—The greatest opportunity of the whole life for living one's own life. Somewhat alone but with the privilege of little responsibility con­nected with human relationship.

Third Cycle  2—An experience of companionship in which there is a sharing of ideas and possessions. Personal ambitions will hardly be realized unless they are to become a collector, teacher, to study and co-operate.

Third Cycle  3—Personal talents and desires perhaps discour­aged in former years by responsibility and the demands of associations, can be realized. The best time of the life for personal advancement in social directions.

Third Cycle  4—The necessity of being practical, of meeting the demands of practical people and applying one's self. Not a great deal of pleasure or rec­reation but the best chance for accomplish­ments of service.

Third Cycle 5—A time for youthful thoughts and youthful oc­cupations and associations. A new lease of mental and physical life, bringing exciting experiences and many changes. The spirit of youth survives the age of body.

Third Cycle  6—The most definite and comfortable period for enjoyment of family life or even a personal, harmonious expression of comfort in the home or institution. Conditions not subject to change, but, along with the state of mind, rather settled and deliberate.

Third Cycle  7—A retirement from the physical, practical world and associations. A good period for study, liv­ing in the country, becoming more interested in creative activity where interesting work is found which can be done alone. There is money through other people's effort.

Third Cycle  8—A strong period physically and mentally. Ex­cellent for success in business and in the or­ganization of previous experience. A better time to devote even artistic, professional, cre­ative ideas towards making money.

Third Cycle  9—A very good period for travel. Not good for settling down in home or institutional direc­tions. Opportunities for success in public life and a contact inspirationally and profession­ally with all types of people.

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