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July 17, 2016

The Numerology For The Middle Phase Of Life

The years of the individual life from twenty-seven to fifty-four, approximately, are termed in Numerology the “Second Cycle.” Whatever the number indicating this period may be, it gives us the analysis of the kind of friends, opportunities, situ­ations which commence to gather around our daily life as we pass the twenty-fifth year of age and are definitely noticed after the twenty-seventh.

To find this number of the “Second Cycle” get the sum of the day of birth.

If you were born after the 10th of the month then add the double number, 11, 12, 13, etc., and the result will be the “Sec­ond Cycle” number. 11 is 1 plus 1 equals 2; 14, 1 plus 4 equals 5; and so on.

This “Second Cycle” of life, which includes the late twen­ties, the thirties, forties and early fifties, will be recognized as the very peak of the average person's life and experience, in­cluding the major opportunities of marriage, occupation and self-realization. It is the pivot on which the ambitions of youth and the memories of later years revolve. Therefore it is of defi­nite interest to know if we have interpreted the meaning of our environment correctly.

If we have not done this and are giving to the people, places and things that group themselves around us in this most important period of life the benefit for being like ourselves, or perhaps quarreling with life because they are not as we desire them to be, success and happiness will continue to elude us.

The only true way to understand any opportunity or any personality is to be able to see it as it really is in its own char­acter and not as it appears to be when judged from our view­point.

The following will give the reader a few ideas outlining the real lessons to be learned from the “Second Cycle” of life


Second Cycle 1—It is better to go into this phase of experience with independence so that personalities are not too greatly depended upon for support or for decisions. The object of the main ex­periences are to strengthen the individual character by knocking props away. Success for individual creative work. Not easy for marriage or partnership.

Second Cycle 2—Time to learn to be a mixer, to be patient and                                  obedient in associations of family, marriage and                            business and to watch for details. Time to listen                                  rather than to talk or push one's self ahead publicly                     unless it is in artistic fields. Successful for music,                               painting, dramatics.

Second Cycle 3—Very encouraging for the expression of individual talents. Successful for social and pub­lic efforts that depend upon the personality. People will be attracted from the profes­sional fields who will encourage and help. All personal experience contributes to the growth of self-confidence. Learn to be a good advertiser and seller.

Second Cycle  4—To succeed the individual must apply himself, make all fancy ideas and ideals of use to him­self and others. Friends will come from the more everyday circles of life and there will be many demands for physical service which must be met and satisfied. A lesson of the more unromantic phases of life, but an op­portunity to definitely build and produce.

Second Cycle  5—This period with its experience will introduce the individual to associations and opportu­nities that must not be taken too seriously or looked upon as lasting. Everything should be taken advantage of at the time it appears, for it may not stay long. Not good for trying to live in one place or to some set plan. “One day, one year at a time”, is the successful rule.


Second Cycle 6—An experience in becoming tenacious, thor­ough, deliberate and well balanced in thought and action. This is a successful time for a teacher, counsellor, or one who has to adjust the problems of other people. Steady for marriage of a thoroughly domestic char­acter. Not the time for pleasure and frequent change. In order to develop the more trust­worthy reliable qualities in the individual character, there would have to be plenty of responsibility connected with other people.

Second Cycle 7—An experience in the development of the deeper spiritual side of character. Therefore circumstances arrange themselves so that at­tempting to be too practical or to look for happiness in too much association proves unsuccessful. To develop the mind to be

above being disturbed is the psychology that will bring success. The “hunch” is worth more than the plan.

Second Cycle 8—This is a time for making early efforts finan­cially successful, also for learning the routine and organization of business and material life. Health and money is not far away from the circumstances in this period, but the in­dividual must train himself to think of these things as coming first when making deci­sions. Avoid the habits and associations that drain physical vitality.

Second Cycle 9—This is not an easy period. Emotional experi­ences must be watched, jealousy eliminated from the nature and a broad philosophy of life adopted so that what people do or do not do is not made too important or the cause of personal unhappiness. Successful for public work of all kinds and for travel.

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